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Do you like Weight Watchers, but don't like the cost??  then try My Fitness Pal. If you have a smartphone then you can download the app right to your phone.  The app allows you to build your own recipes, create weekly weight loss targets, scan barcodes to log what you have eaten and much more.

If you are starting a new healthy lifestyle regime or continuing one, why not try our gym?  The Primary Care Trust (PCT), have given us 6 pieces of equipment to help encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The equipment was previously held within Belle Vale Fire Station, but as it was being demolished, the PCT approached ourselves to ask if we would like to take possession of the equipment in order to offer gym facilities to the local community.

All equipment has been installed professionally by Technogym.

Any person wishing to access the equipment, will, of course, go through a process to ensure the safety of the individual.  A questionnaire needs to be completed to establish you are in good health.  If you are taking any medication, we do require documentation from your own GP that you are able to use gym equipment.  We will then show you how to use the equipment effectively.  All members are required to sign a disclaimer form before you can use the gym.




Eating healthy does not need to break your bank account.  Think of the 3 P's: Plan, Purchase, Prepare. Below are a few websites, which answer questions around food:

What do food labels mean?

How much sugar is too much?

What can I do to make meals more healthy?

BBC - Nutrition


Change 4 Life

The NHS website with resources on nutrition and exercise 



Change 4 Life's Meal Mixer 

Meal Mixer Recipe Finder contains over 120 recipes and feeds four adults.



There are many resources on the Change 4 Life's website involving exercise below are just a few ideas, on how to get yourself and your family more active.